JUN 28th 2015

Video: On Board A Jaguar XJ‑S Trans‑Am at FoS

With a 5,343 cc V12 and around 500bhp the Jaguar XJ-S Trans-Am is a spectacular sight and sound at the Festival of Speed. When it too to the hillclimb in the Americana class in the hands of Micky Collins it just reinforced that view.


As you will see in the video Collins held nothing back, attacking the hill with gusto in the car owned by Derek Hood. Bearing number 44 this XJS was built by American racer, and founder of Group 44 racing Bob Tullis, who bought the chassis as a stock XJ-S in 1977. The following season, after deciding he needed a lighter car to retain the title he had won in ’77, Tullis had the car acid-dipped by Jaguar and installed the current V12 motor.

At the Festival number 44 was only meant to take to the hillclimb as a ‘demo’, but it seems there was no stopping the white-and-green machine from really going for it.

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