JUN 26th 2014

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge: The 'styling exercise' with 568bhp

It’s easy to think of Infiniti as a new company, but it has actually been in the UK market since 2009 (and the US for over two decades). If there’s anything that will boost its profile, aside from its association with the Red Bull Racing F1 team, it’s a high-performance halo model. Enter the Q50 Eau Rouge. Well, almost… there are no current plans for production and it’s tipped only as a ‘high performance styling exercise’.

High performance? That’s thanks to a 568bhp/442lb ft 3.8-litre V6 engine lifted from the Nissan GTR. With power delivered to all four wheels via a 7-speed automatic transmission, it can get to 0-62mph in under 4sec and reach 180mph according to Infiniti’s figures.

Styling exercise? There are endless details around the Eau Rouge to differentiate it from the regular Q50. Infiniti claims F1 inspiration (and why wouldn’t they want to make the most of the Red Bull connection?). Coolest for us is the fins aft of the front wheels.

Is it going to remain a concept? Infiniti is studying customer feedback, so the ball’s in your court, folks.

Photography: Richard Pardon

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