JUL 10th 2014

Video: 'Jann tha Man' makes Nissan GTR the fastest supercar at FOS

By Saturday of FOS we’d already seen Jann Mardenborough fail to impress on the Hillclimb behind the wheel of a virtual Nissan GTR in Gran Turismo – ironic for a chap who was thrust into GT3 racing due to his skill with a Playstation controller.

However come the Michelin Supercar Shoot-out ‘Jann tha Mann’ (as he’s known on Twitter) set about redeeming himself with a stunning sub 50-second run in the equally stunning GTR ‘Time Attack’. That was fast enough to knock Anthony Reid in the fearsome Noble M600 off the top spot – and in the process confirming the Nissan GTR’s claim to being the fastest supercar at FoS.

That dealt with, superman Jann then hopped into the GT3 version and set about chasing Loeb, Bartels and the rest in the overall Sunday Shoot-out – which you can watch here.

Overall then a great debut for Nissan’s rising star – and we reckon this video of Jann Mardenborough announcing himself with the first ever sub 50 second supercar run could be the first of many memorable Goodwood moments…

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