Art Collection

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Goodwood is the seat of the Dukes of Richmond, Lennox, Gordon & Aubigny, whose family art collection is one of the greatest in any English country house.

The Collection

The present Duke of Richmond and Gordon restored the rooms to their former glory, including a complete picture re-hang and rearrangement of all of the Goodwood Art and the superb English and French furniture.

Ducal Splendour

The origins of the Goodwood art collection lie with the Royal house of Stuart. The 1st Duke of Richmond & Lennox (1672-1723) was the natural son of King Charles II and his French mistress, Louise de Keroualle, Duchess of Portsmouth. Portraits of the Stuart Royal family were added to the collection by the 2nd Duke's Grand Tour purchases, culminating in the first English commissions given to Canaletto.

Furniture Collection

Goodwood is one of the best country houses in which to admire French furniture. In 1765 the 3rd Duke of Richmond was posted to Paris as Ambassador to the court of King Louis XV. While he was there he acquired items of furniture by the latest and greatest of the expert Parisian cabinet makers, making fine additions to his Goodwood furniture collection.

Porcelain Collection

The 3rd Duke of Richmond was England's greatest patron of Sèvres porcelain. Most other English collectors of Sèvres acquired their porcelain some years after it had been made, at the time of the French Revolution or in the 19th century.

Tapestry Collection

The Gobelins Tapestries show delightful scenes from the story of Don Quixote. Our guides enjoy explaining to visitors the story in each scene. 

Painting Collection

Of the many types of work in the Goodwood picture collection, portraits are especially renowned. These are usually of the family or of the related royal family.

Stories from the Collection

Discover the different stories from the Collection here at Goodwood House. All written by Clementine de la Poer Beresford, curator of the Goodwood Collection.