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Goodwood Aerodrome is a great way to arrive at Goodwood for events, for business or a visit. Suitable for both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft all year round. 

Aeroclub at Goodwood 2015 by Nicole Hains
Opening Hours
Aerodrome facilities are open during these hours. Refueling will cease 15 minutes before the Aerodrome closes.
  1. December, January 09:00 - 16:00
  2. February, March, November 09:00 - 17:00
  3. April - October 09:00 - 18:00

Aerodrome information

Chichester/Goodwood Aerodrome (ICAO:EGHR IATA:QUG) is situated 1.5nm NNE of Chichester. Goodwood is an all-grass operating environment, with limited parking on apron areas. A Flight Information Service is provided by our Air Traffic team, who also coordinate the PPR requests for visiting aircraft. Call 01243 755061.


Landing at Goodwood

Goodwood Aerodrome is a CAA Licensed (Ordinary) operation. So that we can offer you the best possible experience when flying into Goodwood, you must contact Air Traffic and obtain PPR by calling 01243 755061. This ensures that we have the opportunity to advise you of the runway in use, any relevant operational details and also allows us to plan your parking arrangements, fuel uplift etc. 


Arriving By Air to our Events


Landing Fees

Please visit the Sales and Operation team at Goodwood Flying School to pay for landing fees and fule uplift prior to departure. 


Arriving By Air to Events

If you want to enjoy the fastest way to arrive at the heart of the action at our flagship events, arriving by air at Goodwood Aerodrome will be the best option. We've collated all the information you need to ensure safe travel into and out of the Aerodrome.


All pilots must read the AIC before visiting Goodwoood Aerodrome during the period 9th August - 20th September inclusive.   


Overseas Arrivals and departures

If you are arriving from overseas, we want to make your travel as easy as possible, without reducing HM Custom’s protection.

Circuit Patterns

Different circuit patterns exist for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters at Goodwood. Fixed wing aircraft departing Runways 14 and 32 must make their noise abatement turn at the upwind end of the runway, and not before, to avoid confliction with helicopter circuit traffic.

Live Weather Feed

View our localised weather feed live from the weather station at the Goodwood Aerodrome.




Aircraft Engineering was established at Goodwood in 1968 originally to provide maintenance for our own aircraft. The business is thriving with a team of eight experienced aircraft engineers, led by our Chief Engineer Jason Albon. He is supported by an experienced team of aircraft engineers and technical airworthiness staff.


Hangarage & Aircraft Parking

Goodwood Aerodrome has eight covered storage hangars with the capacity to house more than 100 fixed wing and rotary aircraft. There is also space to park aircraft outside.


Aviation Innovation Centre

The Aviation Innovation Centre, a joint venture between Across Safety and Goodwood Aviation, provides manufacturers and operators of aviation technologies with airspace, facilities and services.



Goodwood Aerodrome offers both AVGAS 100LL and JetA1, available from a bowser. Avgas 100LL is also available from a fixed installation. All fueling is undertaken by trained staff and available from opening time until 15 minutes before closing. Various Aeroshell oil grades are also available from the refueling team. If you flying abroad from Goodwood, you may be entitled to a VAT refund on fuel that you have purchased here via the Fuel Drawback Form


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