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The Dukes of Richmond have been brewing beer at Goodwood for centuries, with recipes and tasting notes on record since 1738. Today the Goodwood Brewery combines organic hops with home-grown malted organic barley and a touch of Goodwood magic for authentic beers full of character.


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Brewed using home-grown malted barley from Goodwood Home Farm and organic hops, each of our Goodwood beers is authentic and full of character. Available in all our restaurants and bars across the Estate, and now available to order online.

  • Flying Elephant 330ml Alcoholic Beer (Case Of 12)

    Flying Elephant 330ml Alcoholic Beer (Case Of 12)


  • Hilda 330ml Non-Alcoholic Beer (Case Of 12)

    Hilda 330ml Non-Alcoholic Beer (Case Of 12)


  • Lucky Leap APA 330ml (Case Of 12)  Alcohol

    Lucky Leap APA 330ml (Case Of 12) Alcohol


  • St Simon Lager 330ml (Case Of 12) Alcohol

    St Simon Lager 330ml (Case Of 12) Alcohol


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Flying Elephant

Bearing a crumpled flying badge inscribed ‘the first thing ever dropped at Goodwood by aeroplane’, a cuddly elephant landed on the estate in 1932, just as the 9th Duke of Richmond’s passion for flying was shaping Goodwood’s place in aviation history. With fruity notes of grapefruit and pear, coupled with a delicate spicy herbal finish, Flying Elephant makes a superb partner to our aged Charlton Cheese. Includes Pilgrim, Saaz and Cascade hops.


Non-Alcoholic Beer


Sporting Hilda Brassey, later Duchess of Richmond, led the White Heather Club, the first ladies’ cricket club, thereby adding her own chapter to Goodwood’s illustrious cricketing heritage. A true all-rounder and unstoppable force both on and off the field, Hilda was awarded the DBE for her extraordinary services to charity. The notes of pine and citrus make this a perfect pairing for our Goodwood Molecomb Blue Cheese. Includes Golding, Centennial and Cascade hops.



Lucky Leap

Created from the story of the legendary Kansas City racer, Masten Gregory, who, while approaching Woodcote Corner in the 1959 TT, detected a complete absence of the brakes and stood up in the cockpit of his car, jumped and soared through the air before impact. This citrusy and hoppy American Pale Ale is perfectly paired with Goodwood beef. Includes Pilgrim and Cascade hops.



St. Simon

The tale of St. Simon, a light-footed racehorse so determined, he won the 1883 Goodwood Cup by over 20 lengths. Yet despite his win, he kept on running until he was out of sight, over the top of the Trundle. This light and lively Lager is best paired alongside Goodwood pork. Includes Pilgrim hops.


Pale Ale


The story of Grogger the Boxer dog. When his owner, the Farnham Flyer, would drink a pint to celebrate finishing a race, Grogger would famously steal a sip from his glass. An aromatic and malty Pale Ale, perfectly paired with Goodwood lamb. Includes Pilgrim and Golding hops.

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