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Wellbeing For Business

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For teams that are primed for success. Our specialists offer coaching in increased resilience, stress management and optimal gut health alongside a range of group and individual experiences to support physical and mental health.

Wellbeing at Goodwood

Nestled within the stunning parkland that surrounds us here at Goodwood, we offer a range of specialist workshops and immersive experiences designed to increase resilience, reduce stress and equip your team with healthier habits and ultimately, a sharper mindset. Goodwood has long championed a robust and balanced gut as the foundation of good physical and mental health. From energy regulation, weight management and immune response, to stress resilience, sleep quality and a happy brain, investing in your gut health will improve your quality of life in every way imaginable.



I had no idea of the extent to which what we eat, how we recover and our gut health can have such an impact on overall bodily health and performance. The lectures and 1-1s were simply fantastic, the location was beautiful and the team were exceptional.

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Corporate Wellbeing

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