The Apprentice Dinner at The Kennels, A Tapestry of Talent and Taste

09th February 2024

The Kennels hosted an event on Wednesday 8 February 2024, in honour of National Apprenticeship Week. Goodwood, is renowned for its commitment to nurturing talent through The Culinary Academy.

This special occasion brought together apprentices from The Culinary Academy, who, under the guidance of Executive Chef Mike Watts and The Kennels chefs, presented a tantalising three-course dinner showcasing their skills and creativity.

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A Culinary Showcase:

The evening was shared with friends and family of the apprentices along with Kennels’ Members, and industry professionals, who were lucky enough to enjoy the bespoke menu crafted by the apprentice chefs.

Led by the adept hands of Sam Spooner, supported by Henry Harvey, Jake Lundren, Josh Bolton and Monty Holben, the chefs delivered a dining experience that captivated the senses and celebrated the essence of apprenticeship in the culinary arts, even down to the wines that were selected to pare with the three course dinner.

The Menu:

The menu curated for this evening reflected the passion, innovation and expertise of the apprentices, utilising the best of ingredients that Goodwood has to offer from the organic meats and produce from the Goodwood Home Fame. Each dish was thoughtfully crafted to showcase both traditional techniques and contemporary flair.


  • South coast scallops, celeriac puree, curried apple & sultana dressing, sea herbs, affilia cress, crispy shallot rings.
  • Wild mushroom & tarragon fricassee, brioche, rocket & Charlton cheese, Goodwood honey mustard emulsion, red amaranth, affilia cress.


  • Goodwood lamb cutlet, confit lamb shoulder, fondant potato, roasted butternut, heritage carrots, tender stem broccoli & lamb jus.
  • Dukkha spiced butternut & Levin Down tart, walnut & tender stem pesto, roasted shallot, caper & Cabernet vinegar dressing.


  • Bread and butter pudding, vanilla ice cream, whiskey and marmalade glaze.


Celebrating Apprenticeship:

Beyond the curated menu and impeccable delivery, the Culinary Academy Apprentice Dinner served as a testament to the dedication and talent of the apprentices. Their commitment to excellence, paired with the guidance of industry professionals like Executive Chef Mike Watts, exemplifies the spirit of apprenticeship at Goodwood and the invaluable role it plays in shaping the chefs of tomorrow.

The Culinary Academy Apprentice Dinner at The Kennels was a resounding success, not only in terms of gastronomic delight but also in celebrating the commitment to culinary excellence and the nurturing of young talent.

As National Apprenticeship Week continues to inspire and champion apprentices across various industries, events like these serve as beacons of hope and inspiration for the future of the culinary and hospitality industry.


Championing Apprenticeship:

Goodwood's Culinary Academy has been designed to inspire, nurture and motivate young people into the hospitality industry. Trainees spend time at Goodwood’s in-house butchery, dairy processing and cheese-making facilities, working with organic produce sourced from Goodwood Home Farm.

The two-year programme will equip the young apprentices with in-depth, on-the-job training in all aspects of food preparation, food production, safety and basic costings, whilst gaining industry-recognised qualifications and professional kitchen experience. Upon qualification, graduates are offered a position within one of the restaurants across the estate


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