Venture through the forest

28th March 2024
A winding Woodland Walk leads to so much to explore

Brand new at this year’s Goodwoof for dogs and their families to enjoy is the Woodland Walk, a perfect spot to wander, wind down and explore. Visitors will find wonderful things to do as they follow the shady path which will give them the chance to strengthen the special bond between dog and human along the way.

Dotted about the Woodland Walk visitors will come across cosy nooks where they can spend time with our specialists in tarot and paw reading, reiki, psychic animal communication, crystal therapy and healing.

Sally Page specialises in unlocking communication barriers between dogs and their families. She said, “I have been drawn to animals from an early age and being able to communicate with them has provided me with many insights into their world. These messages have given comfort and positive affirmations to help their guardians. Our dogs provide us with so much love and adventure, that it gives me great pleasure to help through dog tarot readings at this year’s Goodwoof.

“During each session, I begin by putting both dogs and owners at their ease and from there will use the tarot card pictures which I read intuitively. If there is any communication, I will relay that to the family and, if the dog asks for healing, I will ask the owner’s permission first then the experience is led by the dog and its needs. Messages which arise during the tarot card readings are there as a guidance as no-one can predict freewill of course. We all have a choice in life about which direction to take.”

Yvette is our Goodwoof crystal healer and will also be a popular destination along the Woodland Walk. She says, “Crysal healing is a natural complementary therapy for animals. It’s non-invasive, completely natural and very gentle. At Goodwoof I will discuss any issues with owners about their dogs who either may currently have long-term conditions or are possibly just generally anxious. I won’t be carrying out full treatments so that I can see as many dogs as possible but will be able to recommend crystals that may help and advise owners on how to use them.

“Animals are very open to the energy from crystals, and I look forward to sitting with dogs to calm them after all the excitement they’ll be having at Goodwoof. I will run crystals over their backs and heads which has a calming effect. Crystal healing is not intended to replace veterinary treatment but is an additional method to support any dog’s health and wellbeing.”

Helena Skoog is a Swedish Yoga Instructor and Forest Bathing Guide. She was born and raised in the forests of Sweden, and has lived quietly off-grid for 9 years in the ancient woodlands of Sussex. Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) is a traditional Japanese awareness meditation, proven to be a profound antidote to anxiety, depression, fear and tension.

At Goodwoof, visitors will have the chance to dip into this mindfulness practice by resting on the forest floor while Helena guides them through an awareness meditation to gain access to a sensory and immersive experience. This is a gentle time for owners and their dogs and an opportunity to deepen owners'  observation and awareness of their dogs.

Excited for the Woodland Walk? Explore more new areas at Goodwoof this year including the Goodwoof Games and Pawtrait Artist. Remember, kids under 12 and all dogs go free to the highlight dog show of the year!



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