Christmas Party Panic?

27th October 2019

If the office Christmas party has accidentally fallen off your to do list and November’s crept up on you too, do not worry, it’s not too late. Although there’s limited time to go, here are our top tips for organising a truly memorable Christmas party.


Pick a date

Yes, when it comes to socialising, Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year so getting a date in the diary can be tricky. Thursday and Friday are typically the most popular days, but with budget and time constraints, mid-week is still an excellent choice to host a fantastic end-of-year party.


Set the mood

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to planning your party and the first key factor to consider is the theme. Are you envisaging a boozy lunch? Perhaps a black tie affair? Smaller companies who are just entertaining staff often prefer a packaged party where the hard work is done for you, from the theme to entertainment and menus. Opting for a more intimate affair this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on atmosphere - that’s where picking an excellent venue comes into play.

For companies with a larger budget, a bespoke party is more achievable. Grander venues with the ‘wow’ factor and the ability to tailor their parties to your needs are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Incorporating morale boosting and team building activities alongside the Christmas party is growing in popularity too. What about pre-dinner spa treatments, clay shooting or cocktail making?

Whatever you choose, once your theme is determined, you can begin to build everything around it.


Choose a standout venue

Try and think outside of the box. After a year spent in your offices and conference rooms, colleagues may need something a little different to get into the ‘party spirit’. As tempting as it may be to simply pick a bar closest to the office, you risk your ‘unimaginative’ choice being treated as ordinary after work drinks. Consider a venue with a difference, it doesn’t have to blow the budget to impress.

Feasting at Goodwood

Feasting at Goodwood


Dine, party and stay with The Goodwood Hotel

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Don’t skimp on the food

Do not underestimate the importance of the food. A good Christmas party has one objective – to allow everyone to kick back and relax - and you can be sure that most will be looking forward to eating good food and having a drink on the company. So give them what they want, and plenty of it! Choose a venue that will deliver delicious, high quality food that’ll get people talking… It is the one thing that will often tip the balance between a good and a great evening.



Although not everyone will want to dance, you can bet that a great majority will end up doing so. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider the main demographic of your guests to try and plan entertainment that works for the majority. Don’t forget about background music on arrival and over dinner, as well as a DJ or live band for later in the evening. Beyond music, many companies are also arranging other forms of entertainment such as performers, or fairground rides or games that provide great distraction and in some cases, much needed ice breakers.

Goodwood House Ballroom

Goodwood House Ballroom


Menus designed around Goodwood's organic produce including estate-reared meats from Goodwood home farm

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And finally…

The devil is in the detail, and no matter the size of your party, it’ll be the details that really set it apart:

  • Consider decorations in the main rooms as well as the communal areas
  • Cloakrooms are essential to comfortably accommodate those big, heavy winter coats
  • For larger parties, security on site may be essential to avoid gate crashers or diffuse any drunken spats or arguments
  • Investing in a good photographer or videographer will be money well spent, and give everyone a lifetime of memories to look back on

Hopefully this will help you organise the very best Christmas party, however if you are unsure of where to start than contact the events team at Goodwood. We still have late availability across many of our fantastic venues ranging from £20 per person at The Kennels, to exclusive use of the State Apartments of Goodwood House. We’d be delighted to help you to create an unforgettable Christmas party.

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