Taste Gin like a Pro

09th March 2017

Jared Brown (bottom left), Master Distiller at Sipsmith tells us how to get the best out of your gin

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"Before you embark on a spot of gin tasting, it’s vital to remember a few things. Firstly, it’s a spirit, so go easy. Secondly, it’s not like tasting wine; with wine, you’re looking to aerate it to release the flavours. With gin, the flavours are far more direct, so you want to locate the botanical notes so you know what to mix it with."

  • Taste the gin straight and at ‘old room temperature’ (about 12-15°C).
  • Swill it around your mouth – good gin will have an assertive warmth, but no burn. Head and tail notes produce burn which should be removed in the distillation process, like we do here at Sipsmith. 
  • Add a splash of cold water, then sip and swish it around your mouth. The water encourages the release of the botanical flavours within, as the oils are released into the water.
  • Taste it as you drink it and explore the flavours. 

It’s all about GIN.

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