The Goodwood Sustainability Report

06th July 2023

We are delighted to present the annual Goodwood Sustainability Report for 2022. The report highlights our sustainable accomplishments over the past year, showcasing our commitment to the environment, social responsibility, and resource management.

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The annual report covers our six key pillars, starting with Natural Capital. This encompasses many forms, from wildlife to woodland. Goodwood is committed to preserving and protecting the estate for future generations. One of the many projects from last year includes an extensive tree-planting initiative, resulting in the successful establishment of 36,550 new trees across the estate. This not only enhances the beauty of the landscape but also tackles climate change and promotes biodiversity.

Within the report, you will see that at Goodwood, sustainability goes hand in hand with carbon reduction. Last year, our Biomass facility generated 2,382,000 KWh of electricity, significantly cutting down the estate's CO2 emissions by approximately 5,000 tonnes. Additionally, significant strides have been made in adopting renewable energy sources, with 16 properties on the estate now powered by the Biomass system.


Water conservation is at the forefront of our sustainability efforts. Through various initiatives across the estate, we have successfully replaced 3.2 kilometres of trunk mains, which account for 21% of the private network supply. This infrastructure upgrade enhances efficiency, reduces water loss, and ensures a reliable water supply for the estate.

From working with sustainable local businesses and reinvesting back into the community to employee well-being programs, sustainability is woven into the very fabric of our business practices. The One Goodwood staff wellness scheme continues to benefit over 600 permanent staff members.

Goodwood plays a vital role in the local community and is also able to have a positive impact further afield. It remains a priority for the estate to be able to provide access to events and facilities to a diverse range of groups, while also being a supportive client to local businesses and services. In 2022, the Goodwood Education Trust welcomed a total of 1693 students, providing them with invaluable knowledge about the natural environment. Furthermore, we are delighted to share that Goodwood raised £880,292 for charities last year.


Last year, we reduced the use of plastic water bottles by 20% during events in order to minimize waste and promote responsible consumption. Additionally, we saved 8,977 tCO2e through WEEE (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment) recycling, exemplifying our dedication to efficient resource management and reducing the estate’s environmental impact.

These are just a handful of achievements noted in the report that all work towards our long-term ambition of carbon neutrality, while also encouraging biodiversity and protecting the landscape. With a collaborative commitment to sustainability, we look forward to continuing our sustainable journey in 2023.

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