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Getting to Goodwood by Air

Goodwood Aerodrome welcomes member and visiting pilots all year round.

Goodwood Aerodrome is a great way to arrive at Goodwood for events, for business or a visit. Suitable for both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. To find out more call 01243 755066

Arriving by air to the Goodwood Revival? Click here to find out more.

Due to the high level of aircraft movement, all visiting aircraft are requested to apply for PPR, call Air Traffic Control on 01243 755061.

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Goodwood Aerodrome opening times

Goodwood Aerodrome

December, January  0900hrs - 1600hrs (local)     
February, March, November 0900hrs - 1700 hrs (local) 
April - October (until end of BST)  0900hrs - 1800hrs (local) 


Any variation to the times shown will be notified by NOTAM

Goodwood Aero Club Office

The GAC Club Office is open from Monday - Friday, 0900hrs - 1700hrs. 

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