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Information about the Drone flight approval process for the Goodwood Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ).

Changes to the legislation

On 13 March 2019 new legislation regarding drone flight restrictions around airfields came into force. The new legislation supersedes the drone flight restricted zones that were published in July 2018.

From this date, drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV’s (which includes model aircraft) are banned from flying within a Flight Restricted Zone around an airport or aerodrome. Therefore, flying drones in and around the Goodwood Estate and surrounding area require permission to be obtained before they are flown, as a Flight Restricted Zone is in place around Goodwood Aerodrome.

Anyone wishing to use a drone within this restricted airspace must apply to Goodwood Aerodrome.

How to obtain permission

Please remember that your application must be completed at least 72 hours before the flight is due to take place. Drones can only fly once your application has been assessed and permission has been granted. This can be done by clicking on the map below, which will take you through to the Altitude Angel portal.

If you are unsure and would like to find out more about flying drones in or around a Flight Restricted Zone, the Department for Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority have collaborated to create Dronesafe.uk, a portal where UK drone users can easily access information on flying drones safely and legally.

Altitude Angel

Click on the area you would like to fly your drone. Choose the relevant airspace or zone and click Request to Fly Here, this will take you through to the Altitude Angel portal.
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