Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance

We are a thriving Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance business. Helping you look after your aircraft.

Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance

Aircraft Engineering was established at Goodwood in 1968, originally to provide maintenance for our aircraft. Over time, this has expanded to commercial operators, flying schools (ATO) / clubs, corporate and privately owned aircraft. The business is thriving with a team of experienced aircraft engineers and technical airworthiness staff, led by our Chief Engineer, Jason Albon.

Scheduled Maintenance & Inspections

Our experienced team of engineers perform a comprehensive range of scheduled servicing, repairs and modifications. Our modern CAA Part 145 Approved Maintenance facility based at Goodwood Airfield is capable of providing maintenance to a wide range of aircraft from classic Boeing Stearman to modern corporate Pilatus PC12 types. Our approval standards cater for CAA Part 21 Aircraft, BCAR, FAA and IOM registered aircraft. We are a Cessna Authorised Service Facility and Pilatus PC12 Service Facility.

Continuing Airworthiness

We are a CAA Approved Part CAO organisation and offer a comprehensive service, ensuring that the Continuing Airworthiness responsibilities are met. Our Complete Care Package gives you peace of mind that your aircraft remains in a controlled environment, is maintenance managed by an approved organisations giving you a safe, healthy asset for the future. We support over 85 aircraft, both home-based and nationwide.

Aircraft Upgrade & Refurbishment

Our decades of experience have developed strong relationships with specialist service providers within the aviation industry. This invaluable experience enables us to identify a range of approved contracted service providers. Our management understanding will ensure our contracted services provide a reliable, trustworthy and competitively priced deal.

Asset Health Management

We provide corporate owners, commercial operators and finance companies with an independent technical report on the current airworthiness of their operating aviation products. For many years Goodwood Aviation has offered a specialist support service to the corporate aviation industry. Our experienced engineers and airworthiness technicians have travelled worldwide to provide a health management service to several finance / mortgaged products. The goal is to provide a detailed report to the airworthiness status, operational position, including forecast of life-limited components and financial health of the product to assist creditors manage the economic status of their assets.


The personnel and level of service from Jason and his team at Goodwood is of the highest calibre. It makes the whole process of keeping my aircraft airworthy so easy.

David Blake

Long standing customer

Buying and Selling Aircraft

With decades of industry expertise, we specialise in brokerage, sales, and marketing of used aircraft. Our competitive commission rates, complemented by our home-based Maintenance and CAMO Support, guarantee a hassle-free and financially rewarding experience for every client.
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