Goodwood Fleet

Offering a diverse fleet of six highly maintained aircraft, we cater to everyone from enthusiasts of historical aviation to those seeking the thrill of modern glass-cockpit Cessnas.


Our main training fleet consists of four identical Cessna 172s purchased in 2010. Whilst ours are a very modern version, the basic 172 design first flew in 1955 and has been produced in larger numbers than any other aircraft. It is therefore a very tried and tested machine and probably the most popular training aircraft in the world!

Piper L21B Super Cub G-DRGL

Our Cub was built in 1954 and started life with the Dutch Air Force, the ‘L’ designation indicating military specification. ‘GL’ is powered by a 150hp Lycoming O-320 and is fitted with flaps. She joined the fleet in 2015 after a full restoration and is much loved by all who fly her. The Cub is a classic aircraft and great for honing your stick-and-rudder skills.
Flight Training


Take the next step in your flying journey at Goodwood Flying School. Offering a wide range of courses and training, all of which are tailored to your requirements, We can take you from your first flight to advanced courses for the qualified pilot.
Aeroclub at Goodwood 2015 by Nicole Hains

Flying at Goodwood

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