Aerodrome Information

Chichester/Goodwood Aerodrome (ICAO:EGHR IATA:QUG) is situated 1.5nm NNE of Chichester. Goodwood is an all grass operating environment, with limited parking on apron areas.

A Flight Information Service is provided by our Air Traffic team, who also coordinate the PPR requests for visiting aircraft. Call 01243 755061.

During published operating hours, the Aerodrome operates at RFF Category 1 fire cover, with RFF Category 2 available on request. If you require RFF Category 2, please let us know as soon as possible. Any variation to RFF availability will be promulgated as a NOTAM.

Co-ordinates and Frequencies

GPS Information

APR: 50º 51' 33" N 00º 45' 33" W (elevation 110ft)

Radio Frequency

During opening hours 122.455 Goodwood Information (AFIS) 114.75 VOR/DME GWC, on airfield

Local Radio Frequencies

- Farnborough West LARS 125.250
- Farnborough East LARS 123.225

Operational Information

For PPR – please call 01243 755061

For circuit patterns and noise preferential routings please click here

Particular attention should be paid to holding points C and D. To avoid runway incursions aircraft must not proceed beyond these holding points until cleared to do so by Air Traffic.

Helicopter training areas are the ‘Triangle’, the runway 32 numbers, the VOR Field and Northern Side Grass at the discretion of Air Traffic. While fixed-wing aircraft are using either runway 10/28 or runway 06/24, the Triangle is not available for rotaries.

Touch and go's will only be permitted at the discretion of Air Traffic. Please be advised that no touch and go's are permitted after 14:00L on Sundays.

There is currently no lighting provision on any of the runways.

Updated information will be issued by AIP Amendment and any changes will be promulgated by NOTAM. Please ring Air Traffic Services if you have further enquiries on 01243 755061.

Live Weather 

View our localised weather feed live from the weather station at the Goodwood Aerodrome.