Greenkeepers get their revenge

20th October 2022

It's safe to say that our greenkeepers got their revenge on our Golf At Goodwood Members on Saturday 15 October on The Downs Course. 


The greenkeepers have been plotting their revenge and got up early on Saturday 15 October to create a fun but difficult course to get their own back on our members for not repairing pitchmarks, divots and raking bunkers throughout the season! 

There was something different on every hole including various obstacles, flop shots over the pond and even a cross-country hole. The difficulty increased when the wind picked up and a sudden spell of rain blew in, however we still had some amazing scores which can be seen below:

1 Danny Porter, Simon Harris, Michael Olliff and Simon Jardine 52
2 Mark Alderson, Tom Fowler, Jason Kalinski and Aaron Bridges 51
3 Tony Johnson, Stephen Dean, Clive Ware and Graham Croucher 49
4 David Benassi, Colin Allan, Jim Glover and Kevin Brook 49
5 James Stedman, Mark Bamford, Daniel Joseph and Stephen Sedgley 49
6 Andy Kershaw, Michael Bennell, Paul McLaren and Martin Newark 49
7 Chris Maultby, Richard J.F. Hoare, Rick Priest and Mike Walsh 49
8 Michael Berry, Ray Pink, Sam Baldwin and Mike Clark 48
9 Andy Smith, Linda Salero, Sue Tant and Michael Waite 48
10 Ian Hirons, Tim Clayton, Steve Tafe and Adam Sandieson 47
11 Ian Penny, Simon Watson, Steve Brookwell and David Leader 46
12 Mark Payne, Daniel Feek, Daniel le Roux and Richard Davis 46
13 Tony Taylor, Luke Hayward, Brad Austin and Tom Ayling 46
14 Tim Gleeson, David B Kendall, Jon R Pearson and Aidan Walls 44
15 Jeremy Mears, James Mears, Martin Green and Oliver Lane-Smith 44
16 Gary Norgett, Adam Norgett and Peter Griffin 44
17 Fiona Whittington, David M Carter, Zachary Hauffe and Chris Palmer 43
18 Jacqueline Wong, Luke O'Neill, Iain Chiverton and Dough Bairner 43
19 Jack Berry, Dougal Rattray, Nick Trigg and Geoff Bleasby 43
20 Christiane Lincoln, Claudia Bailey, Stephanie Bevis and Lattana Griffin 42

From the outside it was hard to see how the Greenkeepers could have made it harder. Fortunately, we have a whole year to think up new strategies to test our members!

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the day and we look forward to seeing what our greenkeepers have in store for next year!

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