Training Aids

08th November 2022

Head PGA Professional, Christian Fogden, explores why it is important that you practice with a training aid.


Why should you practice with a training aid?

The main benefit to this is that it will keep you focussed on what you're practicing but also give us feedback to what we are trying to improve.

Most golfers we see on the driving range will automatically do the same practice that they do week in, week out. This won't necessarily do anything for your game, but can make you feel better.

By introducing a training aid, this will break the cycle and get you focussed on a particular part of your game to improve it. As little as 5-10 minutes practice can help and then you can try and recreate it without the aid. This will absolutely benefit your game when you go out onto the course.

It might also fix something that you're struggling with in your technique and helps you with the feeling of how to fix it.



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