Ben Urry

19th April 2022

Meet Ben Urry, our new trainee PGA Professional. Ben has joined Goodwood after a few years in America. Make sure you say hello when you see Ben at The Academy!


1. Best golfing experience?

I would say winning in a play-off at my old club Gosport & Stokes Bay at 14 years old to win the Club championship! The youngest ever to win!

2. What you are hoping to bring to the club?

I hope my personality shines through in which I can make members and guests experience at the club very enjoyable and memorable.

3. Your dream fourball?

Tiger Woods
Shane Lowry
Victor Hovland

4. What is your background/ previous work experience?

I’ve been playing golf for over 15 years. I have worked my way up through College and University, playing in the golf teams. In terms of previous experience I worked in golf clubs growing up but in recent years I worked at private Golf Clubs for three years in America. In Jupiter Florida I worked at Frenchman's Creek and Admirals Cove within Outside Operations department and in the Golf Shop. I also had the chance to work at Woodmont CC, which held the US Women's Amateur Championships in 2020, and is based in Washington DC.

5. What do you like most about Goodwood?

The whole estate is beautiful but I think what makes Goodwood great is the people. As a new starter, everyone has been very kind and welcoming. When you surround yourself with good people the work environment becomes very enjoyable.

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