Short Game Solutions

Improve all areas of your game with our Short Game Solutions Masterclasses with Head PGA Professional, Christian Fogden. 


Bunker Play

Lose the fear of bunkers and leave with the right technique to help you deal with bunker shots. Bunkers can strike fear into the heart of many golfers, failing to get out first time can wreck your confidence and potentially ruin a great round of golf. However, with good technique, you can get the ball out on your first attempt. With a little practice combined with a boost of confidence you’ll be looking forward to bunker shots rather than dreading them! 


Chip it close

Want to save shots around the green? Learn the technique to deal with different situations and which clubs to use. Find out when to use the chip and run, pitch and run or lob shots during different game play. You will also develop distance control so you can better plan the shot and leave yourself shorter putts!


The Art of Putting

Learn the art of putting, develop your set up and stroke. Find out how to control distance and about different drills to try which will help you practice more effectively at home, on the practice green or on the course.


Green Reading

Learn how to read a green which golfers of all abilities can do. Having the confidence in yourself to choose the right line can help get rid of doubt which in turn will improve your putting. All golf courses are different, the tried and trusted techniques you will learn will help you on any course.


Golf at Goodwood Collection

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    Goodwood Golf Cap Sandwich Peak


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    Sterling Silver Blue Golf Bag Cufflinks


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Goodwood Golf Gift Set

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