EMBARGOED TO 0001 FRIDAY JUNE 21.EDITORIAL USE ONLY.(Left to right) Figgy, Whompy, Lieutenant Maveryck, Lord Dachsington, Beetle, and Dotty, all dachshunds, gather at Goodwood to celebrate National Dachshund Day (June 21), as the diminutive dogs are announced as the celebrated breed at Goodwoof 2025, taking place Saturday June 17 and Sunday May 18, 2025 in West Sussex. Photo credit should read: Jas Lehal/PA Media Assignments.

Breed Celebration

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Join us for wonderful moments taking place on Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 May 2025 as we celebrate everything that we love about the sophisticated dachshund.

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Celebrating Dachshunds in 2025

We are pleased to announce that the Dachshund will be the celebrated breed at Goodwoof in 2025. The Duke of Richmond will once again lead the celebratory parade, where hundreds of dachshunds and their owners will take centre stage by parading from Goodwood House to capture the moment in front of The Kennels. Tickets for the parade will be available later on this year.

Why are we celebrating dachshunds?

Renowned for their bold and vivacious personalities, the diminutive dog is
one of the nation’s favourites and is also close to the Estate’s heart. The Duke of
Richmond’s family have their very own dachshund, Winston, who will no doubt
savour his time in the spotlight.


Dachshund Day Party

To celebrate our celebratory breed announcement and National Dachshund Day (Friday 21 June), we welcomed a few lucky dogs to a dachshund day party at The Kennels. Check out the behind-the-scenes below.

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Labrador Celebration Highlights


Poodle Celebration Highlights


Spaniel Celebration Highlights

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17 - 18 May 2025
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