What's it like being a dog influencer?

17th October 2023

Meet Hector, the miniature dachshund with 95k followers.



Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favourite dog influencer account?

As dog lovers, we all love making our perfect pooch pose to take a hundred photos to then post on Instagram for all our friends to see. But what happens when your pooch gets noticed by more than your close friends?

Laura runs a popular Instagram page for her miniature dachshund, Hector, with a staggering 95k followers. We took some time to speak to her about what life with Hector is like and her experiences of being a dog influencer.


What made you start Hector’s Instagram account?

‘I started the account as soon as I got Hector as a puppy’ Laura said. ‘I knew I was going to take a million photographs of him and wanted one place where they all could be. I never set out with the intention of making Hector ‘famous’ – I just wanted a daily diary for myself and my friends of what Hector was up to!

Tell us about Hector

‘Hector is my ‘once in a lifetime’ dog – I already know that I will never have another dog the same as him’ Laura tells us. ‘I brought him home in my early 20s and have grown up and navigated lots of challenging parts of my life with him by my side. He has the best personality. Dachshunds are notoriously barky, and Hec can be at times, but he is mostly a gentle soul, very lazy and food orientated – like most dogs!’


So, what is a typical day like for you and Hector?

Laura tells us that every day starts off as a very normal day. ‘An average day spent with Hector will always start with blanket cuddles on the sofa. He isn’t a big eater first thing so breakfast for him will happen around 11am. If we have somewhere to be, you will find me chasing him around the house with a spoon, trying to make sure he eats something before we leave! We tend to try and include Hector in all our plans, we rarely leave him at home.’

A big part of Hector’s rise to fame has been from the dedicated hashtag #ComeDineWithHector. Laura and Hector like to get out of the house a lot to visit local towns and beaches for a walk, incorporating food into their outings too. ‘That is how the #ComeDineWithHec hashtag came to life!’ Laura tells us. Using their Instagram platform, ‘we enjoy showcasing local dog-friendly eateries and establishments so other people can visit them too.’

Once the day is over, Hector will try his best to persuade Laura and her family to let him upstairs into the big bed for a snooze! An activity I’m sure all dog owners can relate to.

What is it like being a dog influencer?

‘It’s definitely different! I am super lucky and grateful to be able to travel and make engaging content with my best friend, and I wouldn’t change it for anything, but I think people don’t realise quite how time consuming and hard work it can be, especially when you are working within brand partnerships and timescales.’

‘In a way, it is harder than being a regular ‘human’ influencer, as it is a niche market’ Laura shared. ‘People mostly want to see cute photos and videos of dogs, not necessarily all the adverts that come with influencing’, which acts as constant, yet fun, challenge.

I never set out with the intention of making Hector ‘famous’ – I just wanted a daily diary for myself and my friends of what Hector was up to!

What tips would you give to someone looking at starting a dog Instagram account?

Laura’s advice is to ‘create a page because you want to enjoy spending time and taking photos and videos of your dog. Do not start a page because you want to get freebies and make money because it is not as simple as that.’ Laura’s advice is to ‘find your niche and fill your page with beautiful memories that you, and others, can look back and enjoy.’

You can follow Laura and Hector, on their Instagram page @hectorthesausage

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