Festival of Speed 2019


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From debut unveilings to the latest technology developments, Future Lab is full of innovative exhibitors and is a must-see spectacle, at the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard.

Future Lab

Discover the 2024 Future Lab exhibitors

Protecting the planet

Tackling some of the biggest challenges of our time, the application of breakthroughs in material science, advanced engineering, automation and Earth observation is enabling the transformation of global industries; empowering our ability to build a future in which we can thrive and sustainably provide for the demands of an evolving global population, while also better understanding and protecting the little blue dot we call home.

Future Lab Exhibitors 2024


Privateer is pioneering a satellite sharing economy to ensure a sustainable future in space. Their real-time Wayfinder platform helps satellite operators safely navigate crowded orbital highways, while the company’s recently acquired TerraScope application utilises AI modelling to expand access to Earth observations from space.

Future Lab Exhibitors 2024


A throwaway culture in space has led to Earth’s orbits becoming cluttered, the 5,000 redundant satellites and rocket bodies that have been discarded are a threat to our economy and daily lives. Astroscale is developing technologies to reduce orbital debris and enable a circular economy in space, for a sustainable future space environment.

Future Lab Exhibitors 2024

Durham University Solar Car

Powered by solar energy, DUSC2023 set a British record at the 2023 World Solar Challenge, completing the 3,000km journey in six days. See the exclusive unveil of the 2024 car ahead of the iLumen European Solar Challenge in September and The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge car from 2023 drive the Goodwood Hillclimb.

Future Lab Exhibitors 2024


Helixx pioneers Vertically-Integrated Mobility as a Service by enabling sustainable electric vehicle ecosystems through licensable ‘Factory in a Box’ solutions, making eco-friendly transportation accessible and affordable for all. See the global dynamic debut of the Helixx Cargo demonstration vehicle, as a safety vehicle on the Goodwood Hillclimb.

Future Lab Exhibitors 2024


Levidian's patented technology, LOOP, captures carbon from methane gas before it’s burned and creates two valuable products: hydrogen, a clean alternative fuel source, and solid carbon in the form of graphene. This super-material can be used to enhance the performance of products such as batteries, tyres and plastics.

Future Lab Exhibitors 2024

The Tyre Collective

Tyre wear is the second-largest microplastic pollutant in our oceans and a major source of air pollution, a problem exacerbated by electric vehicles due to increased battery weight and torque. The Tyre Collective is developing solutions to capture this stealth pollutant at-source, working with commercial fleet operators and vehicle manufacturers.