Festival of Speed 2021

Goodwood Action Sports

Adrenaline-packed thrills and spills are plenty at the home of stunts, tricks and flips at Goodwood.
Festival of Speed 2017- Stephanie O'Callaghan


Big air & big names

Packed with world-class talent, the GAS arena is a constant source of unmissable action and excitement. Situated a short walk from the hillclimb, some of the world's biggest names in motocross and BMX stunt displays put on an incredible show, tearing up the ramps and jumps and taking off to complete a gravity-defying set of flips and tricks suspended in mid-air. Show timings and the arena timetable will be available on the main timetable before the event.


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Festival of Speed

Tickets from £70
10 - 13 Jul 2025
Goodwood House
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