Omoda & Jaecoo UK

  OMODA has a focus on futuristic compact SUVs and is committed to design, technology and environmental responsibility. JAECOO blends both off-road and urban environments with a refined style and quality, reflecting a mission of brave exploration and unwavering perseverance.

Combined, OMODA & JAECOO are the fastest growing global automotive brands  

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Omoda & Jaecoo at the Festival of Speed

The first model from JAECOO to arrive in Europe will be the 7, available in petrol or hybrid powertrains. This and the first of two models from OMODA, the all-electric E5, can be seen on display at the main stand. 

Both the JAECOO 7 petrol and OMODA 5 petrol can be seen in the First Glance paddock, while an OMODA E5 is also in Electric Avenue. OMODA & JAECOO will be offering limited seating and tables for families on the main stand.