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Each year, an exhibition is held at Goodwood House relating to the history of Goodwood.

HerStory: Women of Goodwood

For over 300 years, women have been central to Goodwood's history. HerStory: Women of Goodwood places a spotlight on the women connected with Goodwood and the Gordon Lennox family, whose stories tell of passion, power, patronage, society, family, charitable work, and sporting interests. Exhibition highlights include dresses loaned by the Fashion Museum and artworks by Angelica Kauffman and Sir Joshua Reynolds. The Exhibition can be seen on Goodwood House Open Days between May and October.
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Previous Exhibitions


The Dukes of Richmond and The Coronation Exhibition

Coronation year means Goodwood House is playing host to an exhibition celebrating the central involvement of the Dukes of Richmond in past coronations. The Dukes of Richmond have undertaken a key role in almost every coronation since 1702, mostly as bearers of the Sceptre with the Dove. This important crown jewel is presented to the monarch just before the moment of crowning. This exhibition brings together splendid coronation and garter robes, coronets, a page boy’s outfit, Queen Victoria’s glove and many more terrific treasures to recreate just what it was like to be involved in a coronation! 

An Aristocratic Amateur

Lord Henry Gordon Lennox, a younger son of the 5th Duke of Richmond, was a talented amateur photographer in the mid-nineteenth century. Two albums containing his photographs were discovered in 2019 and this exhibition explores his work from the dawn of photography.

2019: Glorious Goodwood

Famous throughout the world as England’s greatest sporting estate, Goodwood has been the home of the Dukes of Richmond for over three hundred years. Each of the sports at Goodwood stems from a personal passion of one of the dukes. The summer exhibition, taking place from August to October, tells the story of Goodwood and the Dukes of Richmond, from the seventeenth century through to the present day. The exhibition complemented the publication of Glorious Goodwood: A Biography of England’s Greatest Sporting Estate by Goodwood curator, James Peill.

2017: The Renaissance Duke

Charles Lennox, 2nd Duke of Richmond (1701-1750) was a true Renaissance man. His interests ranged from art and architecture to gardening and natural history. He loved sport, in particular hunting and cricket, and was devoted to his family. The summer exhibition will explore his relatively short but fruitful life. 

2016: The Charlton Hunt

The Charlton Hunt was the earliest recorded fox hunt in the world and its fame drew the elite of society, including the Dukes of Monmouth, St. Albans and Richmond, the dashing illegitimate sons of King Charles II.  The exhibition explores the history of the hunt which was synonymous with some of the best sport in the country. 

2015: Dancing into Battle

On 15 June 1815, the Duchess of Richmond hosted a ball at her home in Brussels. The arrival of a messenger half-way through set in train a sequence of events that would culminate in the Battle of Waterloo three days later, thus making the ball arguably the most famous in history. This exhibition celebrates the 200th anniversary of the ball.

2013: The French Connection

This exhibition explores Goodwood’s French heritage. The 1st Duke of Richmond was the illegitimate son of King Charles II and his French mistress Louise de Keroualle (1649-1734). Louise was a young French aristocrat, the daughter of the Comte and Comtesse de Penancoët de Keroualle from Brittany.