Educational Visits

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Goodwood Education Trust has been providing outdoor learning opportunities at Goodwood for almost 50 years.


Educational Visits

Enriched by the essential qualities of the estate, workshops, engagement and enrichment activities aim to raise awareness and knowledge of the food, sustainable farming, heritage and the natural world, encouraging current and future generations to consider how they live and think about the world around them.

Home Farm

At Home Farm, our organic mixed farm, children are encouraged to connect the food they eat and food production on the farm. Many children are poorly informed about the origins of food, and for many, a trip to Home Farm will be their first experience of a working farm. Children have close but safe access to dairy and beef cows, see pigs and sheep, make butter from cream, and taste Goodwood organic milk. The principles of organic farming are explained, and experienced Education Guides describe the benefits of farming in this nature-friendly way.

Woodland Activities

Workshops in Seeley Copse are designed to promote an improved awareness of the way the natural world works. Through first-hand exploration and discovery, children become familiar with woodland species, habitats and ecosystems, discovering for themselves the importance of looking after the environment. Two hundred years ago, chalk was dug from the Copse to make mortar for the House and Estate walls, resulting in a varied topography of holes and hills that are great fun to explore. In the last century, parts of the woodland were coppiced and various exotic tree species planted, creating a dynamic and delightful environment in which to learn outdoors.

Forest Adventures

Play, explore and enjoy a fun-filled day with woodland activities such as tracking and trailing, den / shelter building and woodland crafts including creating woodland jewellery, leaf printing and wand making.

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