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06th February 2020

A reminder of the course etiquette rules at Golf At Goodwood and how we can help our greenkeepers keep our courses in great condition. 

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As Members you have a responsibility to help the greenkeepers in the upkeep of the course. The following pictures in this article were taken on a day where we only had members and member guests playing. Please help us keep the courses in great condition. 


Trolleys should not be taken across tee boxes, fringes or through any roped off areas. Please see the trolley marks pictures below which are in roped off areas, on tee boxes and even on the tees!


The visage system on buggies:

The visage system on the buggies at The Downs is used so that you as members can use the buggies the majority of the year round. These must NOT be turned off in any circumstances. If Members are found to be turning them off on more than one occasion, they will not be allowed to use buggies. Please see the header image of this article for the tyre tracks on the slope on the 3rd hole.

Pitch marks:

It is very important that you are repairing pitch marks on the greens. The marshals and greenkeepers are repairing pitch marks on the greens daily to make the greens as good for you as possible. Please repair your pitch marks.


Using the mats that are in play on tee boxes:

The mat on the 5th tee box is in play to protect the tee box and is also for essential work that is being carried out. This means Members should not be teeing up behind the mat, as this is causing wear to the tee box.

Raking bunkers and footprints:

Raking bunkers is absolutely essential. There are rakes in every bunker and there is no excuse for footprints. Can we be vigilant with raking bunkers and please let the course marshal know if there is a group not doing so.


Ringing the on course bells:

Please can we politely remind members that they must ring the bell on the 3rd and 9th holes of The Downs Course and that there is no excuse for not doing so. Unfortunately the inconsistency around doing so has led to confusion as to whether the bell will or won't be rung, and as a result we have had an incident recently where there was a particularly close call while a Member was waiting for the 9th green to clear.

As a team we're reviewing the signage on the course and also the location of the bells to ensure this is as easy as possible for golfers. However, please can we ensure all members are fulfilling their duty of care to other golfers and ringing the bell on every occasion.

All of the above will help in the short and long term with protecting the course and ultimately your enjoyment whilst playing. Thank you in advance for your help and support. 

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