The Ultimate Fleet

Drive the entire BMW M Series range at Goodwood Motor Circuit.

The Ultimate Fleet

Ultimate Driving At Goodwood is lucky enough to have a supreme fleet made up of high performance BMW models as well a playful Mini 3-Door Hatch.  All fully equipped with Michelin tyres for optimum performance, there is no doubt that you'll be made to feel like a pro driver in any of the models you sit behind the wheel of. 

Performance models

Goodwood Motor Circuit has the entire BMW M Series range which was originally designed to facilitate BMW's racing programme. With all the latest models at the Circuit you'll be driving cars that have come directly from the Nurburging racing circuit in Germany where BMW do all their testing on the M models. Feel the force as you get behind the wheel of some of BMW's fastest models. 

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Spec BMW M135i BMW Z4 BMW M3 Competition BMW M4 Competition BMW M5 Competition BMW M8 Competition BMW M2 BMW M3 Touring
0-60mph 6.1 seconds 4.8 seconds 4.5 seconds 3.9 seconds 3.7 Seconds 3.3 seconds 3.9 seconds 3.7 seconds
Top Speed 153mph 155mph 155mph 155mph 155mph 155mph 155mph 155mph
Engine Size 2.0 Turbo Charged Straight 4 2.0 Turbo Straight 4 3.0 Turbo Straight 6 3.0 Twin Turbo Straight 6 3.0 Twin Turbo Straight 6 4.4 Twin Turbo V8 3.0 Twin Turbo Straight 6 3.0 Twin Turbo Straight 6
Power 231HP 320Nm 306HP 450Nm 340bhp 500Nm 510HP 650Nm 510HP 650Nm 625bhp 750Nm 453HP 550Nm 510HP 650Nm

The Highlight

With top speeds of 0-60mph in only 3.2 seconds and engines with TwinPower Turbo Technology, these cars definitely pack a good punch. Only available with the Performance Track experience these models will set your pulse racing. Certainly not for the faint hearted! 

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