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A thrilling sporting heritage

Our story begins with the 1st Duke of Richmond. His love of hunting led him to Goodwood in the 1690s, where one of the first and most fashionable hunts in the country was based. Ever since, sport has played a pivotal role here, with golf, cricket, motor racing, horseracing and flying on the estate.

The oldest rules of cricket were drawn up for the 2nd Duke in 1727, and when the 3rd Duke commissioned the architect James Wyatt to extend the house, he added grand stables, kennels and in 1802, a racecourse. In the 20th century, fearless Freddie March, 9th Duke and renowned engineer, pilot and amateur racing driver, introduced flying and motor racing. Latterly his grandson, the Earl of March, revived these motor-racing events to thrill growing crowds of enthusiasts each year. He also made substantial improvements to the Downs golf course, originally laid out by James Braid, known for his designs for celebrated sites such as Gleneagles.