The Park Course

27th April 2022

As we move through the spring months, we’re very proud of The Park Course which, coupled with some excellent feedback from members, is playing very well following the recent greens maintenance.


Recent work

We have recently extended the cut of the aprons, allowing for some new run off areas to be brought into play. Some examples of these can be seen in the below photos. It will take a few more weeks, ideally with some rain, to help bed these in to the existing aprons ensuring the same consistency, however we’re confident the end result will be great.

Green maintenance took place in March, more information on this can be read in our greenkeeper blog by our Head Greenkeeper, Simon Berry. We can say that following maintenance green speeds have maintained between 9.0 and 9.6 with trueness averaging at 90%, this is above average for greens only three weeks on from spring maintenance.


Did You Know?

We have seven cedar trees on The Park Course. These cedar trees originate from natural habitat in Lebanon. Due to historical conflict in Lebanon in which the locals feared the trees would be damaged and ultimately lost, the cedar seed was then transported to Edinburgh Botanic Society, where they were planted and grown until they were two feet tall. Goodwood then purchased these trees, before transferring and planting them on the parkland to continue growing.

The Park Course was originally a deer park; deer are incessant grazers and would lift the woodland canopy. Today, the greenkeepers raise the canopies under the trees on the courses to promote better light and airflow to the woodland floor helping to grow the bluebell population.

The course was designed by Donald Steel, when it was originally designed the course was heavily tree lined, however a storm in 1987 wiped out several trees. Elm disease also wiped out several trees, one area in particular being the back of the 8th green, where trees have recently been replanted which includes two trees that were donated by South Downs National Park.

The Park Course has also played host to several professional tour events, including a EuroPro Tour event which was broadcast on Sky Sports.


Guess the hole

Take a look through the below photos of various holes on The Park Course to see if you can guess all of the holes. For the answers, please see either of our golf receptions. 

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