5 Foods to Boost Your Immune System

01st June 2017

Whilst the colds and flus are more common in Winter, it is still important to build our immune system all year round so that we are ready and waiting for when that tickly cough and blocked nose comes back to haunt. Here are 5 foods that you could incorporate in your diet to help build your immune system.


Citrus fruit – Not only are the oranges, lemons and grapefruits full of juicy flavour, they are also powerhouses of Vitamin C. Enjoy as a fruit snack, or why not use within cooking as a marinade or salad dressing?

Ginger – Ginger has always been prized for its medicinal uses, but it can also act as an antihistamine and decongestant; both of which are cold and flu easing. Adding more ginger to your diet can help your body to alleviate ill feeling after a cold.

Garlic – Another food with a lot of medicinal history, but this time for its antiseptic elements. It’s natural deterrents help fight off illness and infection without the need for antibiotics.

Honey – Hot lemon with honey, we’ve all heard of this medical therapy before! The delicate balance of sugars, vitamins, minerals and antibacterial elements found in honey combine to create a compound fit to fight any illness. Honey can coat and soothe an irritated throat, and reduce coughing.

Probiotic yogurt – Whilst probiotic may sound scientifically fancy, it essentially just means ‘good bacteria’. These then work to fight off the bad bacteria in your body, consequently building your immune system. 

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