Making the Most of Warmer Weather for Exercise

23rd May 2024

As the weather warms up and the days grow longer, it's the perfect time to take your fitness routine outdoors. Christopher Goldring is a personal trainer here at Goodwood Health & Wellbeing, as well as a Wellbeing Host and personal trainer here at Goodwood, who shares tips on how you can make the most of our beautiful estate for your health and wellbeing. Let's explore the benefits of outdoor exercise and how you can incorporate it into your routine.


Discover the Connection Between Gut Health and Nature

As part of our Gut Health Retreat, we delve into the fascinating relationship between the gut microbiome and soil spores. Spending time outdoors, especially in natural environments, can have a positive impact on your gut health. The diverse microbes in soil can enhance the microbiome in your body, contributing to better digestion and overall health. So, why not combine your outdoor exercise with a dose of nature’s goodness?


Explore the Estate’s Scenic Routes

With 11,000 acres of stunning surroundings, Goodwood Estate offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk or a more intense workout, there’s something for everyone.

We have lots of lovely walking routes around the estate for making the most of your outdoor exercise, here’s just two:

Walking from the Hotel to The Kennels

You can enjoy a serene walk from the hotel to the historic Kennels. It’s a great way to start or end your day, allowing you to take in the beautiful surroundings. You could even finish your walk with a cup of herbal tea of coffee on the Terrace at The Kennels.

Our famous Hillclimb:

For a more challenging workout – as well as to get in training for August’s 5 Mile Hillclimb Race, try a portion of our famous Hillclimb. It's perfect for runners and walkers alike, offering both a physical challenge and breathtaking views.


Anyone for Tennis?

If you have a competitive streak or simply love the game, why not book one of our tennis courts? Channel your inner Djokovic or Federer and enjoy a fun, engaging workout. Tennis is a fantastic way to improve cardiovascular fitness, agility and coordination.


Sunrise and Sunset Classes in the South Facing Garden Studio


We are incredibly fortunate to have our south-facing Garden Studio, where you can participate in classes at the most magical times of the day. Join us for an early morning session as the sun rises over the estate, or wind down with an evening class as the light fades. These classes not only boost your fitness but also offer a profound sense of peace and connection to nature.

Find our Garden Studio Classes here.


The Joy of Sunshine and Fresh Air

There’s nothing quite like the mood boost you get from feeling the sun on your skin. Exercising outdoors provides a natural flow of fresh, clean air, which is often more limited in indoor spaces. Don’t let mild or wet weather deter you; the petrichor—the earthy scent after rain—has been linked to lower cortisol levels, helping to reduce stress.

Find out more about our outdoor classes here.


Preparing for the 5 Mile Hillclimb Race

With our 5 Mile Hillclimb Race coming up in August, now is the perfect time to start training on the estate. A good pair of running shoes and the willingness to take on the challenge are all you need. Running in this picturesque environment is both motivating and rewarding, making your training sessions something to look forward to.


Soak Up That Vitamin D

Vitamin D, which we get from sunlight, is crucial for healthy bones and a robust immune system. Spending time outdoors allows you to soak up this vital nutrient naturally, enhancing your overall health.


Join Me for Outdoor Training

If you’re looking to try something different, I’m here to help. We can tailor your outdoor workouts to suit your goals. Training in the fresh air can invigorate your routine and provide new challenges.

Find out more about personal training sessions and our wellbeing directory here.

Embrace the warmer weather and take advantage of the beautiful Goodwood Estate. Whether you’re walking, running, playing tennis, or taking a class, the benefits of outdoor exercise are immense. Let’s make the most of this season together!

See you outside,


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