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Golf Lessons

Our golf lessons are tailored to each individual golfer, whether you’re a complete beginner or striving to become an elite player, the best way to understand and improve your golf is by taking a lesson. For the complete learning experience our PGA professionals use the V1 video analysis to help aid the learning experience.


Performance Clinics

Choose from a selection of evening performance clinics to help improve specific aspects of your game.

Pitch Control
Pitch it close, control your distances with your wedges and leave yourself shorter putts to lower your score.

The Kennels.

Chip it Close
Learn the art of chipping, chip and run, pitch and run, lob shot, escape awkward situations, think outside the box and lower your score.

The Kennels.

Get Out of Trouble
Learn to escape trouble, choose the right option and keep those big numbers off your card.

The Kennels.

£30 or 10 Credits.

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