Goodwood Motor Circuit Track Driving Rules


All drivers must hold a valid driving licence for the vehicles they intend to drive and, if partaking in General Testing, a National B or higher competition licence issued by an FIA-affiliated Regulatory Authority. Subject to Goodwood’s prior approval, driving will be permitted by unlicenced persons provided they are accompanied and supervised at all times by an ARDS qualified instructor.


All drivers, riders and passengers (‘participants’) must attend a safety briefing before taking to the circuit. All participants must follow these rules and complete the declaration and agreement overleaf.


Enter only via pit lane exit, one vehicle at a time, having obeyed lights or signal from a marshal. Check for other vehicles on the circuit and keep right until well clear of pits.


Only leave the circuit at the pit lane entry. Signal your intention to leave the circuit on approach to the chicane, using indicators if fitted or raising a hand in the air (if in an open car or on a motorcycle). Continue signalling until you have exited the circuit.


Only stop in case of mechanical breakdown or following a signal to do so from a marshal. If forced to stop on the circuit or a run-off area, try to park as safely as possible (far from the track and preferably behind a barrier). Use hazard-warning lights if fitted. Driver and Passenger should move behind safety barriers only if it is safe to do so, and obey any instructions given by the marshals. If you suspect that your vehicle is leaking fluid, please pull off the tarmac IMMEDIATELY and stop in a suitable place.


Use mirrors frequently to check for faster vehicles approaching from behind. Vehicles must overtake only on the straights. Overtaking on either left or right is permitted – unless, at the Drivers’ Briefing, the organiser specifies overtaking on one side only due to the drivers’ level of experience. If a faster car approaches behind, move to one side of the circuit, ideally using an indicator light if possible to signal your intention to do so, and allow the faster vehicle to pass. Only overtake when the car in front has acknowledged your approach and moved to the side of the circuit.


  • Yellow: Track hazard. Slow down. Be prepared to stop. No overtaking.
  • Red: Hazard – session stopped. Return to pits, acting as for yellow flags.
  • Chequered: (at pits): Session over. Complete the full lap and return to the pits.
  • Striped red/yellow: Beware of a slippery substance on the track.
  • Black: You MUST slow down and return to pits at end of lap. Report to the Track Steward – either you’re breaking rules or your vehicle is faulty.


Racing or ‘dicing’ with other vehicles is not permitted. Please do not circulate close to another another vehicle (within 100m) as it increases the likelihood of a noise breach. Timing (or signalling times) is not allowed, except during General Testing.


Photography at Goodwood motor circuit is prohibited unless for personal purposes only. You are permitted to sell photographs that you take but only on the strict condition that they are not used for promotional or commercial purposes. You must have the consent of Goodwood beforehand.


Any vehicle to be used on the Circuit must pass a noise test on the day. Depending on the format of the day it should not exceed 98dbs or 105dbs at three quarters maximum revs when measured at 0.5metres from the exhaust, and either 96db or 101db, measured at 10m drive-by. Refunds cannot be offered should your car fail.

Drivers, riders and passengers must:

  • Read and sign the Track Driving Rules before taking to the track
  • Wear a wristband (or appropriate signifier) denoting the Track Driving Rules and Declaration have been read and signed
  • Wear a suitable helmet – and if in an open car or on a motorcycle, also wear suitable eye protection (visors or goggles)
  • Wear suitable protective clothing - It is recommended that arms and legs are covered in cars, and it is mandatory that all motorcyclists wear one-piece or zip-together leathers, plus motorcycling boots and gloves
  • Wear a seat belt if fitted or if the vehicle is required to have them by RTA or MSA regulations
  • Not drive or ride while under the influence of alcohol, intoxicating drugs or substances likely to cause drowsiness
  • Not smoke in the pits or on the circuit – it is a fire risk
  • Not eat, drink or chew gum on the circuit – it prevents risk of choking


  • Do not carry more than one passenger in any vehicle (and no passengers on motorcycles)
  • Do not bring animals (except guide dogs) onto the circuit or aerodrome
  • Please supervise children carefully
  • Do not exceed 15mph on any service road or in the paddock
  • Refuel only in the designated area
  • Cold tyres have less grip, so drive carefully for at least the first lap

WARNING! MOTOR SPORT may involve the risk of injury or death. You must read and accept the items of this document and the Declaration below if you agree before being allowed to use the circuit.


  1. The following Declaration and Agreement is to be signed by the event organiser and every guest and/or invitee before the commencement of the event.
  2.  In consideration of being allowed to take part in this event I declare and accept:-
  3. That Goodwood will not be scrutineering participants’ cars or motorcycles before permitting them on the track.
  4. That I am competent to take part in this event.
  5. That I am fit and healthy and that my eyesight (with lenses if to be worn) is adequate for track use.
  6. That any car or motorcycle for which I am responsible and which will be used on the track is in good and suitable mechanical condition and fit for its purpose.
  7. That I am an experienced car driver/motorcyclist and hold a licence to drive the vehicle I will use and, if testing, hold a National B licence or higher.
  8. That I will not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol, intoxicating drugs or substances likely to cause drowsiness; and that if I am taking any prescribed medication, I will have informed the event organiser and sought approval to do so prior to the event.
  9. That I will comply with the rules set out overleaf as well as any rules communicated to me by Goodwood.
  10. That I myself am responsible for the way in which I use the track and will wear appropriate protective clothing as set out overleaf.
  11. Inspection of Circuit: Before taking part in the event I will ensure that I have inspected the venue, the track and the facilities and geographical features and that I am satisfied that it is safe for me to participate. I will NOT take part if I have any doubt about my ability or the safety of the venue.
  12. Acceptance of Risk: I accept that motor sport may involve the risk of injury or death and I agree to take part at my own risk. Before taking part in the event I will read and be bound by and comply with any General Regulations, supplemental and final instructions issued by the regulatory bodies (if applicable), the organisers and the Circuit Owners.