Gut Health: Demo & Dine Series

29th August 2023

Our brand-new series of cookery and dining events will give even the most reluctant cook the chance to learn how to keep their gut healthy and happy at Goodwood this autumn.


We’re all becoming so much more aware these days of the benefits of establishing and maintaining a healthy gut.

Your gut microbiome is the key to making sure you, and your family, feel healthy, energised and more relaxed, but have you ever wondered how to create gut-healthy dishes at home?

Our talented Executive Chef, Mike Watts, is here to help. Mike creates all of our gut-healthy menus, both for our wellness retreats, and in all of our food outlets across the Estate, and he can’t wait to share his expertise with you. 

You’ll learn about gut-healthy ingredients and put together a dish before sitting down for a delicious two-course gut-healthy lunch in Goodwood Hotel’s restaurant, Farmer, Butcher, Chef.

You will experience the best gut-healthy cuisine we offer here at Goodwood using produce from our own organic Home Farm.

Places are limited on this, our first-ever hands-on series of cookery events.

The Gut Healthy Demo & Dine Sessions taking place are:

Friday 27 October: The Ferments 

During this session, you will learn to prepare, and take home, two of the most well-known ferments – Sauerkraut and Kimchi. To find out more and book, click here.

Friday 10 November: Healthy Chocolate Treats

Learn how to make, and take home, sumptuous chia chocolate balls that are decadent, rich and, best of all, good for you. To find out more and book, click here.

Friday 8 December: Bone Broth & Vitality Loaf

Learn how to cook a supremely soothing supper with a supportive combination of Vitality Loaf and nutrient-packed broth to make sure your gut is happy and healthy. To find out more and book, click here.

Demo & Dine explores foods to heal your gut based on the Goodwood Gut Health Programme Retreat. You can find out more about The Goodwood Gut Health Programme, including upcoming dates here.

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