Students take on Barkitecture competition

18th April 2024
Find out how students at Bishop Luffa College got on in a Barkitecture-style challenge.

Product Design A Level students at Bishop Luffa, Chichester took up the challenge to design a sustainable kennel for dogs using reclaimed materials as part of their studies recently.

James Bonney, Head of Design & Technology at the school said, “We are the only school in this area who teach Product Design at A Level, so it is a very popular course. Last year, when I was visiting Goodwoof with my own dog, I was very interested to visit the Barkitecture competition. Seeing all of the excellent designs on display created by architects gave me the idea to set the same task for my new Y12 students. Their brief was to design a kennel using sustainable materials giving thought to the dog’s comfort as well as the style of the finished product.”

Twelve Bishop Luffa students took up the challenge including Helena Whitelock who said, “I set about researching what dog owners want in a kennel so asked 16 passionate dog owners three basic questions namely, what materials they would prefer their ideal kennel to be made from, what design era appealed to them and what added features would their dog enjoy. The conclusion was that wood came out top as the best sustainable material and a traditional Biophilic design with a touch of Art Nouveau would result in the best looking and most environmentally friendly product.”

Mr Bonney added, “The group had a timeline to follow and a deadline to hit. Having submitted their portfolios, complete with design drawings, they found reclaimed materials and then built their kennels in the workshop here at school. We had an exhibition for staff and pupils who were delighted with all the diverse range of kennels which the students produced. We’re delighted that next year we’ll be able to use materials left over from the Festival of Speed and Revival for our design projects as Goodwood will be setting them aside for us after the events.”

Goodwood’s Patricia Dickie said, “We are thrilled that the talented students at Bishop Luffa have staged their very own Barkitecture competition. Barkitecture is always a very popular attraction at Goodwoof as celebrated architects display their playful sides by designing fabulous kennels following the annual theme. These are then auctioned at the event by our partner, Bonhams with all of the proceeds going to our charity which, this year, is Jai Dog Rescue.”

Explore the excellent Barkitecture kennels competing in this year's competition at Goodwoof, with the auction taking place on Sunday 19 May.



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