Introducing Hilda and Flying Elephant: Goodwood Farm Shop's Newest Beers

16th October 2023

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of two new beers at the Goodwood Farm Shop: Hilda and Flying Elephant. These remarkable brews not only taste delicious but also pay homage to Goodwood's rich history and heritage.


Hilda, is Goodwood’s first non-alcoholic beer and is a true tribute to a trailblazer.

Named after Hilda Brassey, later Duchess of Richmond, Hilda beer holds a special place in the heart of cricketing heritage. Hilda was an unstoppable force, leaving her mark both on and off the field. She played in the White Heather Club, the pioneering ladies’ cricket club, etching her chapter into Goodwood's illustrious cricketing history. Her dedication and exceptional charity work earned her the distinguished DBE award. Hilda also played a significant role in the early Women’s Institute meetings, displaying her determination as she walked the South Downs to gather local women for the gatherings at Charlton.

With an IBU of 18, Hilda is brewed from Golding, Centennial, and Cascade hops, creating a lovely and refreshing hop bitterness. The notes of pine and citrus make this a perfect pairing for our Goodwood Molecomb Blue Cheese.


Flying Elephant is a playful nod to aviation legacy.

Step into the past with Flying Elephant beer, a tribute to a whimsical event that shaped Goodwood's aviation history. In 1932, a cuddly elephant descended onto Goodwood estate by aeroplane, bearing a crumpled flying badge that read 'the first thing ever dropped at Goodwood by aeroplane.' This endearing moment coincided with the 9th Duke of Richmond's passion for flying, setting the stage for Goodwood's prominent role in aviation. Today, vintage warbirds still grace the skies from the renowned Goodwood Aerodrome. While airborne elephants remain a thing of the past, the Flying Elephant beer keeps the spirit of adventure alive.

Boasting an IBU of 20, Flying Elephant is brewed from Pilgrim, Saaz, and Cascade hops. With fruity notes of grapefruit and pear, coupled with a delicate spicy herbal finish, Flying Elephant makes a superb partner to our aged Charlton Cheese.


These new additions to the Goodwood Farm Shop bring together history, innovation, and a touch of playfulness. Whether you're raising a glass of Hilda's non-alcoholic brew to toast to remarkable achievements or enjoying the flavourful Flying Elephant beer in the shadow of aviation history, each sip carries a piece of Goodwood's captivating narrative.

All Goodwood beers are available in Goodwood Farm Shop, at all our restaurants and bars across the Estate and are now available to order online

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