Spring Seasonal Picks

01st March 2017

The first signs of Spring promise a gathering of new foods for us to get our teeth into. Seasonal food is important for extra freshness and flavour, and this month we are warmly welcoming the return of cooking apples, oysters and the finest vegetables of the season.


As the saying goes, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ and surely this includes a Bramley Apple Crumble too, right? At Farmer, Butcher, Chef we are thrilled by the idea of an influx in cooking apples. Picking fruits at their prime excels the flavour, meaning that some of the greatest desserts will be tasting better than ever. Taking a traditional apple crumble to the next level, we certainly will not be short of ingredients for our popular Bramley Apple Crumble Soufflé. Served with a Cider Brandy Custard, this show-stopping dessert is sure to get a few mouths watering.

There are other exciting foods that we have to look forward to this season, such as asparagus and watercress. Whilst both may be green and distinguish quite prominently as a ‘healthy’ food, there are in fact many ways which these can be enjoyed. Wrapped in streaky bacon, asparagus can be partnered with a poached or boiled egg for a light breakfast or snack. Similarly, watercress is probably more diverse than you would first think. Pureed and mixed to create soup, or even pesto, watercress can provide extra depth and flavour to your salad or side dish.

And finally, oysters. Whilst they may split opinions on their delectable deliciousness, or whether they are just simply horrifying, now is the best time of year to dabble in one of the ocean’s favourite shellfish. Most commonly enjoyed as a main course, our Crispy Oysters starter is also a popular dish amongst visitors.

Choosing seasonal based foods can really accentuate your dining experiences, at home or when eating out. Treat yourself to the best of the best whilst bringing diversification and excitement to your diet. 

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