Order of Merit 2022

20th October 2022
Another fantastic year for our Order of Merit series.

It has been another exciting year for our Order of Merit series. With four different categories; Golf At Goodwood Order of Merit, Ladies, Seniors and the Juniors, it has seen some fantastic performances throughout each category.

Fixtures are either stableford or medals with the Club Championships also counting towards the Order of Merits. From each event there are points awarded based on success and these accumulate throughout the series.

All those who came top five in any of the Order of Merit events throughout the season have been invited to play in our Order of Merit Four Team Challenge on Sunday 6 November. This is an opportunity for the four teams to battle it out to become the best section.

Three of the four Order of Merits have now finished with the Junior Series being the only one with a tournament left to be played. The top 10 results for each of the finished series can be seen below.

Golf At Goodwood Order of Merit:

Position Player Played Wins Total Points
1st Donald MacDonald 8 1 60119
2nd  Paul Stratton 7 2 49253
3rd Matthew Savory 9   36725
4th Simon Raniga 4 1 36564
5th  Simon Jardine 7   28399
6th Tom Farr 7   27068
7th Jacqueline Wong 6   24281
8th Jack Berry 6 1 23861
9th Jeremy Gratton 8   23191
10th Tom Fowler 2   23174

Seniors Order of Merit:

Position Player Played Wins Total Points
1st Chris Maultby 7   60
2nd  Glen Hewlett 6   52
3rd Brian P Saunders 4 2 48
4th Simon Watson 6   48
5th  Jeremy Swan 3   44
6th Leslie O'Brien 3   42
7th Alan Crisp 4 1 40
8th Aidan Walls 3   40
9th Chris Stenning 4   36
10th Paul Jones 2   32

Ladies Order of Merit:

Position Player Played Wins Total Points
1st =  Claudia Bailey 6 1 72
1st = Liz Luffingham 6 1 72
3rd Frances Cheney 6   62
4th Christiane Lincoln 7 1 60
5th  Deborah Pentesco-Murphy 6   58
6th Carol Smith 6   56
7th Linda Salero 6 1 53
8th Susan Marks 5 1 50
9th Fiona Whittington 5   50
10th Jacqueline Wong 5   48

Thank you to everyone who took part and congratulations to our winners!

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