Goodwoof | Chien Charmant

11th May 2022
Celebrate the beauty of dogs, its breed and the bond between dog and owner.

About Goodwoof

A spectacular new dog event dedicated to our canine companions, Goodwoof on the Goodwood Estate will feature a fantastic line-up of activities to entertain dogs and their humans. Goodwoof will host world-class competition from top canine athletes; wellness workshops; behavioural and veterinary experts taking on topics from anxiety management to the secrets of your dog’s body language; celebrations of pop culture canine icons and heroes from history alongside trails, treats and plenty of play.

Chien Charmant concept

The uniquely Goodwood spin on a traditional dog show staple, Chien Charmant is a concours d’elegance for the dog world and as opposed to a formal pedigree procession, this is a cool and diverse celebration of style, swagger and that special charisma that certain dogs and their owners exude. It’s not about breed, but a distinct and unique celebration complete with stories of fascinating characters.

Category classes:

Spirit of Goodwoof
As unique as Goodwoof itself, this pair possesses individuality, distinctive personality and wit to match.

A bond of grace and beauty that transcends the label of man’s best friend, it’s a combination of personality and story that makes this dog and human pair much more than the sum of its parts.

In possession of the trinity of personality, poise and presence, all are evidenced in that rarefied charisma and style that these dogs and their humans exude.

People’s Choice
The pair that most charms our online audience with their shared flair and effortless allure will be named the People’s Choice.

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    Stories from the Estate

    Welcome to the future

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    Stories from the Estate

    Greatest Racing Driver of All Time

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    Stories from the Estate

    Natural Selection