Pawtraits is back!

25th January 2024
Find out more about Pawtraits, exclusive to Goodwoof.

Back by popular demand for another year at Goodwoof, we are delighted to welcome back Pawtraits, the exciting opportunity to have your photo taken with your faithful friend by well-renowned ex-Tatler photographer, Dan Stevens.

It is free to have your photo taken in the Pawtraits studio and this exciting opportunity is open to all Goodwoof attendees. However, this popular area of the event will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis so make sure you arrive early and don't miss out on this exclusive Goodwoof opportunity.

Before the excitement unfolds in May, we took some time to catch up with the man himself to find out more about his career in photography and showcase some of his amazing snaps of humans and dogs from Goodwoof in 2023.


What is Pawtraits?

"Pawtraits is a chance for dogs and their humans to have a photographic portrait made by me at Goodwoof 2024 in a professional studio set up especially for the event."

How did you get into photography?

"I got into photography about 40 years ago when I was still at school; I wanted to keep a visual diary.  Although I didn’t study photography I managed to gain experience from a few masters including Snowdon and Mario Testino whilst photographing society in London and abroad for glossy magazines in the 1990s. I was lucky enough to have photographed the Duke and Duchess’s wedding back in 1991!"

Who are your inspirations?

"I was inspired to take up photography first by my father whose slide shows of our family adventures I found magical. Later on I was introduced to the mid 20th century French photographers Robert Doisneau, Jacques Henri Lartigue and the truly genius Henri Cartier-Bresson. Then of course while working for magazines admired the studio work of Richard Avedon, Norman Parkinson, Terry Donovan, Bailey, Snowdon and all the others."

If you had to choose, what is the best photo you've ever taken?

"The best image I've made is a hard one, hopefully the last one, but in fact I would choose differently every day, today I am thinking of an image I made of a fisherman in Tanzania who took me out in a canoe made of palm tree trunk, he caught fish with just a line and hook on his finger and I felt transported back in time thousands of years."

Do you have any dogs of your own?

"So we have a family dog, Bonnie, a fawn coloured pug and she is immensely entertaining!"


Join us at Goodwoof on Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 May to explore all the amazing activities we have on offer for both human and dog including Pawtraits, Literary Corner, Ministry of Hound, The Labrador Parade and so much more!



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