Sustainable Goodwood

28th May 2019

As stewards of 12,000 acres of land, it’s really important that we’re responsible for the countryside and architecture over the long term; the estate has been here for over three hundred years and we are planning for the next three hundred.

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Susan, Duchess of Richmond was one of the Soil Association’s earliest members. She ran her kitchen garden on organic principles and passed this passion on to her family. Goodwood Home Farm had the first 100% organically fed dairy in the country and is the largest lowland organic farm in the UK. 

Our restaurant Farmer, Butcher, Chef is a showcase for our award-winning home-grown organic produce, which includes beef, pork, lamb, milk, cheese and ale. Our forestry department are continually developing wildlife initiatives and all our food waste is recycled into energy. We encourage our employees to be involved in all aspects of sustainability, in every business area throughout the year.

Interest in organic farming has run through the Richmond family for many years. Here at Goodwood, we are committed to the care of our livestock and soil. We continue to build a traditional system to provide wholesome food, as well as maintaining the perfect conditions for the increase of natural flora and fauna across the estate. We are delighted that Home Farm’s produce features on menus in restaurants across the estate, at our events and beyond

The Duke of Richmond

Our passion for sustainability is driven by our sourcing, our environment and our society.


All of our 500 + pigs, 800 + cows and nearly 2,000 sheep are organic and were born and raised on the estate.

We strive to keep food miles as low as possible with estate-reared meat, milk, cheese and ales sourced from Goodwood Home Farm just yards from the Goodwood Hotel.

Our restaurant's seasonal menus are inspired by our organic produce, topped up with estate foraged and local ingredients.

Farmer, Butcher, Chef showcases our passionate nose to tail philosophy, which achieves better yield from the livestock through unusual cuts of meat, and our chefs working closely with our butchers to plan menus and utilise what's available. This philosophy allowed the restaurant to serve over 30,000 covers in its first year without processing an extra animal. 

Arable acreage provides our animals with organically grown cereals to balance home grown forage throughout the winter months.

We source locally caught fresh fish from suppliers with their own boats in Sussex.

Our coffee provider, Union Coffee, is a co-operative and is Rainforest Alliance certified.


Try Feasting at Goodwood for an unforgettable evening that will certainly leave a lasting impression.

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The Kennels and Hound Lodge are powered by a Biomass boiler which runs from estate wood chippings.

Our marketing is printed using vegetable oil based inks on FSC paper which reduces the impact on mineral oil supplies and makes for easier recycling.

As part of our Woodland Management Plan we have created log piles for insects, wildflower areas and installed around 18 nest boxes.

We’ve introduced a hive home to 60,000 bees, to pollinate our wildflower areas.

Our open fires are fuelled by estate logs and our barbeque charcoal is created on the estate from our own Cedar wood.

We are totally committed to the care of our livestock and to the sustainability of the countryside. We use no pesticides or fertilisers at Goodwood Home Farm, ensuring that the wildlife, hedgerows and centuries old natural ecosystem is protected and that our produce is as wholesome as the land from which it comes. 

For every old, dead or dangerous tree we need to remove, we replace it with at least 5 new trees.

Our product house Elemental Herbology packaging is 99% recyclable.

Our Watt exercise bikes in The Goodwood Health Club are self-powered and we provide free biodegradable wet kit bags in our changing rooms.

We are proud to be one of the companies involved in the pilot scheme for The Royal Academy of Culinary Art’s new Sustainability and Ethical Food Project.

Golf At Goodwood only use recycled water to wash their machines and equipment


Our Farm Shop is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 3pm.


A unique place to do business, build client relationships or celebrate.

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At Goodwood we work with some exceptional charities, raising money and awareness for good causes both at our flagship sporting events and throughout the year. This year we are proudly supporting our Estate Charity; Canine Partners, Dallaglio RugbyWorks, Wellbeing of Women and Care for Veterans.

All Goodwood employees are entitled to one day off a year, fully paid, to volunteer within the local community or nominated charity.

Our Goodwood Health & Wellbeing spa therapists attended the Jennifer Young Training School to qualify as oncology masseurs and beauty treatment providers. They are able to provide individually tailored face and body treatments to those living with, or beyond cancer, using products specifically designed for cancer patients and approved by the NHS.

Executive Chef, Darron Bunn, worked with the Goodwood Education Trust to launch a local education programme for schools, in association with the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts. Darron has taken around 50 pupils from three local schools on tours of Goodwood Farm and into Farmer, Butcher Chef to share our passion and philosophy for food, in the hope to inspire and educate them about the industry, as well as equip them with cookery skills.


Flexible meeting space in a 91 bedroom hotel

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