Latest Flying News

  • NOV 29th 2016


    Goodwood Flying School will be running Groundschool Classes for PPL and LAPL exams on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

  • OCT 12th 2016

    Claudia joins the Flying Instructor Team

    Claudia Cucker Martorell is a flying instructor at Goodwood Flying School. She grew up in Hong Kong – with a father from Uruguay and mother from Barcelona. She tells us her story and why she loves flying at Goodwood.

  • AUG 25th 2016

    Rob Wildeboer - 30 years at Goodwood Aerodrome

    On the 4th of August 1986, a 16-year-old named Rob Wildeboer began his career in aviation at the Goodwood Aerodrome. Thirty years later Rob is still in the job and, most importantly, still passionate about what he does.

  • AUG 24th 2016

    GAC Members’ Duxford Fly-Out

    On Tuesday 26th July , 5 aircraft with 17 passengers between them set off to Duxford. The weather couldn’t have been clearer and it stayed with us all day.

  • AUG 03rd 2016

    Airside Lounge at Revival

    Goodwood Aerodrome Building will open its doors at Revival.

  • AUG 01st 2016

    Solent Collaborative Airspace Trial

    From 1st August until 16th October the Solent Collaborative Airspace Trail will be running.

  • JUL 19th 2016

    New Pilot - Stuart Rawlinson

    Stuart Rawlinson joins Goodwood Flying School and is the latest in a long line of experienced flying instructors.

  • JUL 19th 2016

    Goodwood Aero Club Quiz Night

    The Goodwood Aero Club members had a great quiz evening

  • JUN 26th 2016

    Painted Pilatus

    Hans Erni created this beautiful paint work.

  • JUN 23rd 2016

    Bob Mayhew - the first step to a PPL

    Bob Mayhew has always wanted to fly but it took the gift of a Goodwood Warbird Experience and flight in the Harvard to turn the dream into reality.

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