Meet the Team: Tom Edgington

24th June 2024

At Goodwood Health & Wellbeing, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional and personalised experience for our members. One of the team behind this commitment is Tom Edgington, our dedicated Membership Sales and Retention Advisor. Since joining us in 2023, Tom has been instrumental in ensuring that every member's journey, from initial enquiry to ongoing support, is met with enthusiasm, expertise and a genuine passion for wellbeing. Let's dive into what health and wellbeing means to Tom.

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What is your job role here at Goodwood?

I joined the Goodwood team in 2023 as a Membership Sales and Retention Advisor. I oversee the initial customer experience from first enquiry through to early stages of membership, as well as offering a point of contact and support for all members throughout their wellbeing journey.


What do you enjoy about working at the Health Club? 

I pride myself on being a “people person” and, first and foremost, enjoy understanding and exploring how the club can meet the individual requirements of each member. Wellbeing spans such a broad spectrum of very personal motivations, and I feel our unique position within the Goodwood Estate provides the best possible platform to deliver. I welcome the individual relationships we can build with our members, whether this be through our extensive Wellbeing Directory or, in my case, sometimes simply chatting through a renewal option over a coffee!


What kind of sports/fitness/wellbeing do you enjoy?

I’m a keen watersport and cycling enthusiast – I have recently taken up wingfoiling (worth a Google!) and consider myself very lucky to have the option of a breathtaking 12-mile bike ride to work every day, which takes in the estate, including Goodwood House and golf courses. I’m starting to reap the benefits of the extensive class programme, especially our holistic offerings, which are allowing me to build a great foundation of core strength to support my sporting passions on the water.   


What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever had to do here at Goodwood?

My first day in the role included an opportunity to experience a small part of our retreat programmes – by way of a late November Wim Hof ice bath experience. A short, sharp two minutes allowed me to embrace the benefits of a controlled breathing pattern and mental clarity, which extended well into the evening and beyond.     


What does Health & Wellbeing mean to you?

I see health and wellbeing being about making a conscious decision to find balance in all aspects of your life. From a personal point of view, I’ve always been acutely aware of the link between physical activity and my mental wellbeing and how this offers improved focus in my work and home life. My role at Goodwood has given me a better understanding of the link to gut health - the Symprove Gut Gathering event earlier this year was an incredible eye-opener. I must admit, I was at best an “open book”, but the level of expertise within the panel has allowed me to embrace changes to my diet, which I am already feeling the benefit of.    

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