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Located in The Goodwood Hotel, The Goodwood Health Club and Waterbeach Spa have state-of-the-art gym equipment, a comprehensive programme of fitness classes and personal trainers to help you achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be. But some will be – understandably in our opinion – more excited by the relaxing swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms. 

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Fitness Tips

  • DEC 01st 2016

    Control your portion sizes

    Even the healthiest of eaters can have too much of a good thing. Here is an easy guide to understanding portion sizes.

  • DEC 01st 2016

    Carbs are good for you!

    Knowing the difference between fast and slow-releasing carbs can be the difference between you and a healthier lifestyle. We've compiled a list of 'good' carbs, certain to keep you fuller for longer.

  • NOV 25th 2016

    The Health Benefits of… Eggs

    No longer a food to be afraid of, eggs are now recognised to have plenty of nutritional benefits. Here are four great benefits of eating eggs.