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FOS Tech

Fuelling curiosity and accelerating the
future, FOS TECH encompasses all forward-looking aspects of Festival of Speed, from the latest automotive technology and alternative fuels, through to the world’s most intriguing innovations in Future Lab.

How to

Get involved in FOS Tech

Our mission is to drive enthusiasm, spark creativity, and pave the way for a future where young talents shape groundbreaking advancements in the world of science and technology.
Education trust

STEM seminars

The Goodwood Education Trust will be hosting STEM seminars with a focus on product design. The seminars will be expertly tailored to inspire secondary school students and will include the opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers who work within the field of product design. Schools will spend half a day attending the seminars and half a day exploring Festival of Speed. Please email get@goodwood.com to register your interest in the seminars.

FOS Tech:

STEM Programme

As part of our vision to inspire the next generation to get involved in STEM, we’re delighted to welcome students and young people to visit Festival of Speed as part of their studies and exploration in these subjects. Applications for the 2024 programme are now closed.


Discover your path in STEM

Through hands-on activities, engaging exhibits, and meaningful interactions with industry professionals, we empower young minds to envision their potential in STEM careers.

Home of visionary technology

Don’t miss Festival of Speed’s home of technology: FOS Future Lab presented by Randox. An incredible hub of revolutionary innovations and inspiring ideas, FOS Future Lab celebrates technology for a better tomorrow, with a mission to inspire curiosity through immersive, interactive experiences with cutting-edge technologies. Experts from emerging innovators to global technology powerhouses will be on-hand to answer questions and demonstrate their latest creations.


World of motorsport

Competition drives innovation, and few sporting industries have the innovative scope of motorsport. From advanced hybrid systems to active suspension, disciplines such as Formula 1 have long inspired the new technologies that we enjoy in our road cars today. Visit the Pit Lane to see the world's fastest cars up close and watch how professional, world-renowned teams work and operate in order to prepare for a hill run; quiz mechanics about a car's inner workings or about what it is like to work in motorsport team at the pinnacle of the sport.


Future of mobility

Meet the experts, brands, teams and cars at the forefront of the future of mobility as the newest road cars are showcased at the festival. Keep your eyes peeled and be inquisitive when you spot a new innovation, such as driverless car advances, synthetic fuels and electric car technology. Discover the endless possibilities for the future of electric cars in Electric Avenue, explore the newest road cars in the First Glance Paddock, or get up close to the world's top performance road cars in the Supercar Paddock.


Technology around every corner

Festival of Speed welcomes visionaries, brands and pieces of engineering from a wide spectrum of industries. We encourage everyone to ask lots of questions and, when the opportunities arise, get involved! Watch new concepts such as fan cars, hydrogen cars, disability adapted racing bikes and much more take to the hill. Be inspired by the aerobatic magnificence of the Red Arrows. Whatever your interest, our exhibitors, partners, experts, displays and showcases are here to help you indulge in it. Embrace your curiosity and get exploring! You never know what new passions you might ignite.


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